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A Generation of Access

The Signature Ticket Initiative is a ticket subsidy program dedicated to making every seat for every performance during a production’s initial run affordable. By offering subsidized tickets, we hope to make the experience of attending our theatres democratic and accessible to all.

The Signature Ticket Initiative was born in 2005 and during the first 10 years made over 700,000 affordable tickets available. Today, the Initiative continues to make theatre available to everyone, and we are committed to this program for the next generation of theatre audiences.


In 2012 The Signature Ticket Initiative was expanded on a truly unprecedented scale. With the help of Lead Partner The Pershing Square Foundation, Signature Theatre has committed to making our productions affordable through 2031.

Based on the Ticket Initiative’s proven track record of success, we believe this program is helping to attract and retain new audiences who are young, diverse, and nontraditional—continuing to build the next generation of theatre goers. Making The Pershing Square Signature Center accessible to all will allow Signature to remain a home for audiences of all backgrounds, creating a truly diverse and vital community in the heart of the theatre district.

The support of Lead Partner The Pershing Square Foundation provides half of the funding to make the Signature Ticket Initiative a reality. We rely on the generosity of donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals to fully support this groundbreaking program.

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Signature relies on the annual support of individuals like you to present the work of world-class writers and to support our groundbreaking Signature Ticket Initiative.

"We are especially pleased to support their groundbreaking program to provide access to great theatre, which we see as an investment in New York and the theatre community that will pay dividends for generations to come.”
-    Bill Ackman, Founder, The Pershing Square Foundation

A godsend to those of us on limited budgets. What a great incentive for maintaining an audience of diverse ages and walks of life. Thank you.”
-    Audience Member, 2010/11 Tony Kushner Season

“This was the most amazing experience that I have ever had in my life. It is way better than watching the movie or reading about it. The whole play changed how I viewed theatre before. I just can’t wait until I have another chance to see another play.”
-    Student, Harvey Milk School