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A Generation of Access

The Signature Ticket Initiative is a ticket subsidy program. Signature is dedicated to subsidizing two-thirds of the cost of every seat during a production’s initial run. By offering $25 subsidized tickets, we hope to make the experience of attending our theatres democratic and accessible to all.

This is an unprecedented commitment by Signature and Lead Partner The Pershing Square Foundation to make all Signature productions affordable for the next twenty years. With the support of Lead Partner The Pershing Square Foundation, and donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals, we have secured half the funding to make this a reality.

Signature is committed to raising the funds to make this vision a reality, and thank the partners who have joined us to date. To fully support the program, we invite everyone to allow Signature to remain a home for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and incomes, creating a truly diverse and vital community. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please click here, or to support the Signature Ticket Initiative, click here.


At Signature, your help at any level will have an impact on so many, from the person sitting next to you to the next generation of theatre goers.


The Signature Ticket Initiative: A Generation of Access represents an expansion of our existing ticket subsidy program on a truly unprecedented scale. Signature and Lead Partner The Pershing Square Foundation have committed to underwriting every seat at the Center for twenty years and offering nearly two million affordable tickets. Making The Pershing Square Signature Center accessible to all will allow Signature to remain a home for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and incomes, creating a truly diverse and vital community in the heart of the theatre district.

Thanks to the Signature Ticket Initiative: A Generation of Access, tickets will remain affordable through 2031.


By offering every ticket during a production’s initial run for $25, we make the experience of attending our theatres democratic and accessible to all.


In 2005, Signature launched the Signature Ticket Initiative, a ticket subsidy program which engages corporate, foundation, and individual supporters to underwrite every seat in Signature’s theatre, resulting in an affordable ticket price for every seat at every performance during a production’s initial run. Truly, the potential of this model to profoundly impact artists, audiences, and institutions is unmistakable.

According to Culture Track 2011, 67% of cultural audiences in the United States state that a barrier to attending cultural events is that it “costs too much” and 72% of cultural audiences state that “less expensive tickets” would be a major incentive for participation. The Signature Ticket Initiative directly confronts this longstanding bottleneck, and in a multi-year study of ticket buyers who first came to Signature through the Initiative, Audience Research and Analysis reports that 92% of respondents cite the subsidized ticket price as “very” or “extremely important” in their decision to attend. By breaking down the economic barrier, the Initiative has consistently attracted new and non-traditional theatre audiences to Signature.

Audience survey results reveal that on average over the past six years: 

  • Over 170,000 affordable tickets were made available for works by Horton Foote, Chuck Mee, Edward Albee, John Guare, August Wilson, the Negro Ensemble Company, and Tony Kushner;
  • 34.1% (more than one third) of audiences were NEW to Signature;
  • 24.3% (nearly one quarter) identified themselves as of color;
  • 15.4% were under 35;
  • and 23.8% earned under $50,000 annually.   

Statistically, the Initiative continues to attract patrons to Signature, encourage them to return, and inspire them to contribute.

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Signature relies on the annual support of individuals like you to present the work of world-class writers and to support our groundbreaking Signature Ticket Initiative.

"We are especially pleased to support their groundbreaking program to provide access to great theatre, which we see as an investment in New York and the theatre community that will pay dividends for generations to come.”
-    Bill Ackman, Founder, The Pershing Square Foundation

“$20 ticket price is a godsend to those of us on limited budgets. What a great incentive for maintaining an audience of diverse ages and walks of life. Thank you.”
-    Audience Member, 2010/11 Tony Kushner Season

“This was the most amazing experience that I have ever had in my life. It is way better than watching the movie or reading about it. The whole play changed how I viewed theatre before. I just can’t wait until I have another chance to see another play.”
-    Student, Harvey Milk School