Signature Theatre - The Diamond
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The Irene Diamond Stage

In scale and design, the 294-seat Irene Diamond Stage retains the same intimate and immersive experience of our former 160-seat home, the Peter Norton Space.

The Irene Diamond Stage evokes a heightened sense of drama even before the lights come up.

A straight rake of seating rises from the stage edge and is contained within plywood walls that give the space a subtle architectural expression. The shaped plywood panels, which evoke the texture of cracked earth, wrap around the walls and will be painted to fade to black as they approach the stage, creating a transition from the architectural space of the room to the scenic space of the play. A single, grand doorway will connect this theatre to the lobby. The ceremonious closing of this door will indicate that the play is about to begin.

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The Pershing Square Signature Center is available for Theatre, Film, Television, Photography, and Corporate Event Rentals.

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