Medieval Play, written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan


Two French mercenary knights set out on a quest for relative moral redemption against the classic comic background of late 14th century ecclesiastical politics. A story of friendship, love, noble feats of arms, indiscriminate brutality, the progressive refinement of medieval table manners and the general decline of the chivalric ideal at the onset of the Great Papal Schism of 1378.

Pictured above: Josh Hamilton and Tate Donovan in Medieval Play by Kenneth Lonergan. Photo by Joan Marcus.
May 15 - June 24, 2012
Running Time
2 1/2 hours with one 15 minute intermission

The Irene Diamond Stage



Bartolemeo Prignano; afterwards Pope Urban VI, Tree, Elderly Cardinal, Servant
Anthony Arkin
Catherine of Siena, 2nd Harlot, 2nd Diner
Heather Burns
Sir Alfred
Tate Donovan
Margery, 1st Harlot, Emilia, Jester, Queen Joanna, Beatrice
Halley Feiffer
Sir Simon, 1st Cardinal, Dietrich, Pope Gregory XI
Kevin Geer
Sir Ralph
Josh Hamilton
Cardinal Robert of Geneva; afterwards Pope Clement VII, Illuminator, Jacques, 1st Diner, Herald
John Pankow
Sir Lionel, 2nd Cardinal, Sir Niccolo Galeazzo, Doctor, Death
C.J. Wilson


Scenic Design
Walt Spangler
Costume Design
Michael Krass
Lighting Design
Jason Lyons
Sound Design
David Van Tieghem
Fight Direction
J. David Brimmer
Production Stage Manager
David H. Lurie

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